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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Of Round 8 - National Junior 2012

Two more rounds to go and chances are, we will see runaway trains in the form of Yit San and Li Ting to seal the deal for the Boys and Girls section respectively. 

With only 2 more rounds to go, it seems clear that Yit San and Li Ting are well ahead in their quest to become the 2012 National Junior Champions. Even more so in the Girls section as Li Ting has already met and defeated the three main contenders in sisters Nabila and Najiha, and outside favorite Nithya.

For the Boys section, there are still a few more hopefuls that can probably spoil Yit Sans celebration but, with convincing win over once leader Mark Siew and others who were in the way, Yit San looks the favorite to win the 5th edition of the National Junior Championship. Paired to play Aron Teh in the 8th round, a win for Yit San will almost definitely close the drape on the championship. But, a surprising win by Aron Teh would open the field to everyone once again.
Mark Siew - trying to rebound after losing Round 5 and drawing Round 6 and 7
It is quite rare to see that none of the sisters, Najiha or Nabila, are in the top 2 boards in an all Ladies event
Nabila (left) and Najiha (right) on the 4th and 3rd board respectively.


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