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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Of Running the Golden Special - List of Players

The list of players that have signed up for the Golden Special event to be held at DATCC from 24th to 28th January are slowly growing by the day. One of the more prominent player playing is 2012 National Champion NM Roshan Singh who has informed the organizer via his father that he is interested to take part. 

Other prominent players who have agreed to join the event are chess trainer Jax Tham, veteran Chan Mun Fye, Nf6 Organizer Abdul Aziz Shukor and rising junior Yee Jian Yang. Another veteran, Lim Kian Hwa have also voiced his interest to play but have yet to confirmed his participation. As of 1:00pm, veteran Kian Hwa has informed that he will be playing in the event.

The total list to date are as follows:

Registration is still open and forms can be downloaded via our link HERE

This is the first event organized in the new DATCC. Come and join the fun!!! 

The same news can be viewed at DAT Chess Connections official blog site HERE

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