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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Of Running Another Insofar Event - Prize Winners

Final Prize list for Insofar Weekend Event

Of Running Another Insofar Event - Final Round 7

The event went wide open when Kamaluddin Yusof, who was leading the first 4 rounds of the weekend event, suffered his first defeat at the hand of Sumant, giving the junior the joint pole with youngster Li Tian at the end of Round 6. Then, young Li Tian lost to Efren in Round 6 giving Sumant the sole lead going into the final Round 7 after his convincing win over Kelantanese Nik Ahmad Farouqi in the earlier Round 6. Going into Round 7, Efren will be Sumant's last obstacle for him to overcome in order to secure the top podium finish in the 5th Insofar Weekend edition for 2012.

Pairing for Final Round 7:

Spectator Ahmad Rodzi watching over the game between Philippines Allan Umadhay against Former National Champion Yeoh Chin Seng on Table 3
I had the chance of watching over the game between Kamaluddin and Li Tian on Table 2 (Courtesy of my good friend Andrew Tan)

Of Running Another Insofar Event - Round 5

After 4 rounds of play, only Kamaluddin Yusof has so far registered a perfect score of 4 points. Closing near with half a point different are Sumant, Li Tian and surprisingly Amier Hamzah who ousted Syazwan Zulkifli in Round 4

Ronnie Lim dropped one point after losing to Jax Tham and Ilhamuddin was not at his best, managing only 3 tough draws and losing to Yat Guo Jie in Round 4 after going into time scramble and dropping another piece.

Pairing for Round 5:
Perfect scorer Kamaluddin against Sumant on Table 1
Whilst the serious event going on. a casual event happening on the side
A doctor in the house, FM Ronnie Lim playing against Yeoh Chin Seng


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Of Running Another Insofar Event - Round 3

The 3rd round started off with the three top seeds FM Ronnie Lim, Yeoh Li Tian and Efren Bagamasbad maintaining their fine run to score perfect points. Some of the other players still scoring perfect 2 points are Kiew Ken Yew, Kamaluddin Yusoff, Sumant Subramaniam, Nik Ahmad Farouqi, Jax Tham, Yeoh Chin Seng and youngster Amier Hamzah Zuhri.

Pairing for Round 3 are as follows:
Insofar Principal and Founder. Mat Zaki Yeop looking over the game on Table 1 between first seed FM Ronnie Lim against Veteran Jax Tham
Abdul Haq playing against John Law on Table 7
Two ardent and loyal followers of Insofar event - Hendry Lim (left) against Jayakumar (right)


Of Running Another Insofar Event - Round 2

2 top seed players suffered surprising drawn game in the first round of the Insofar Weekend event with Syazwan playing the black pieces drawing against Darrel Yap, and Nor Ilhamuddin playing Syaahil Hamid. 

Other than these two draws, most of the higher ranked players managed to win against their opponent in a very quick round 1 affairs.

Pairing for Round 2 are as follows:

Round 1 casualties - Syazwan and Ilham dropping to mid field with half point each after drawing against their respective opponents in Round 1
FM Ronnie Lim maintaining his position on Table 1
Scene at the playing hall at the start of Round 2

Of Running Another Insofar Event

Another Insofar event, the 5th for its 2012 edition (I thought it was the 4th until Olivia corrected it for me - or maybe even she got it wrong?).

After 4 editions of hitting more than 70 players for the Insofar event, the numbers dwindled to 47 today but, the strength of the players coming to play remains "impressive". One of the more significant player participating in the 5th edition FM Ronnie Lim who now calls GHKL home and I guess, we can look forward to seeing him playing in more short events in KL now that he is stationed here. Also here are Yeoh Li Tian and Mohd Syazwan, both finished in the top 5 of the recently concluded National Closed. Also playing are Sumant Subramniam, Nik Ahmad Farouqi, Abdul Haq, Yeoh Chin Seng, Jax Tham, Lim Kian Hwa, Kamaluddin Yusof and 2010 Chess Odyssey writer, Nor Ilhamuddin.

FM Ronnie is the top seed for the event with Yeoh Li Tian second and Efren Bagamasbad third. 

The event started just after 10:10am and should finish by 6:00pm later today.

Some photos from the event: