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Friday, July 6, 2012

Of KASUGI Chess Event

Of course, the talk of the town now is definitely on the upcoming KASUGI Team Chess Championship and like every chess player in town (and around the country), this is dubbed the event of the year - for local stalwarts. Team events are rare especially on such a big scale like this because the only Team event that most players are looking forward to play would be the Merdeka Team Tournament. And with a dangling carrot that worth more than RM40k, the KASUGI Team event is fast making the recognition and being the event to play for in 2012.

I was also hooked on the fact that this could be an event that I can play in (instead of being the arbiter - somehow or rather I only have one in a billion shot to be part of the arbiter's team) henceforth, I started my hunt to get players to form a team with me. Well of course, most players have already been "recruited" by fellow players and with me being known more for my arbiter duties rather as a player, my search is a bit more challenging since most players that I know have already formed their own team. But, Khairunnisa called me up and decided that we maybe able to put up an Arbiter's team for the KASUGI event and voila!.... I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. But still, only hald the work is done.... I still have to find 2 more players for the event.....

And in the midst of asking players here and there, my sisters (with the help of my aunt) dropped me a bomb - "let's do a pre-puasa family gathering" and picked the same weekend to make it happen and whoooshhh.... there goes my chance to play. I relayed the bad news to Nisa and her first YM message to me was "Aiseh!" Sorry .... In such a case, chess losses out to family....

But, if I am back to KL on the second day of the event, I will definitely drop by at Cititel and I do look forward to do my usual blogging and FACEBOOK news, and capture that worthwhile moment for everyone to see.

To all the teams participating - All the best!

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