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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Of Making A Comment on Olympiad Team

I made a comment on Jimmy's blog about the team that has been selected for the Olympiad event come this August and part of the comment was:

"I sincerely feel that the selection committee is doing their utmost to select the best players for Olympiad (or any other event), regardless whether there is an actual process being used or just a voting procedures where the selection committee discuss and vote for the best players that they can find based on availability and strength. But based on the 2012 Olympiad team that has been selected, their selection seems to be "fair"."

I have been shying away from making any "politically inclined" comments or articles in my blog for not wanting to "make SOMEONE excited". Apparently, the comments above did make someone drooled in excitement.... Remember the story about the non stop barking dog that I wrote some months ago??? Well, a dog being a dog, you dangle a bone and it gets excited all over.... running and wagging his tail like nobody's business... I mean after all, its a dog with a puny brain... What can you expect the dog to do???

Anyway,  the comment that was made against my comment from "the-blog-written-by-the-person-whose-name-I-do-not-want-to-waste-my-time-typing" is as follows:

Why is Najib talking about MCF selection committee when it doesn't exist and he is not in MCF? In fact there was no meeting in MCF on this matter. Caught out in a big lie this time Najib. Thank you. Chess is making you very smart.

Ok... So, the selection committee does not exist? Hmmm.... I think the selection committee exist but maybe it is not "active". Ok la.... Whatever la... Maybe he is right, then again maybe he is wrong. I mean.... I do not want the dog to start barking at my "door" again... so ok lah. You right..... 

Secondly... this is is very interesting.... He wrote "....and he is not in MCF?". So, as someone who is not in MCF, I am not supposed to comment???? Ok la.... But one thing boggles me... Who are you la??? Are you in MCF? Nope... Do you play chess? Nope.... But you can comment? And I can't? Hah!!! This is definitely mind boggling.... But again, never mind la... The dog wants the bone, let him have it la.... Its just a bone.... :)

Thirdly, he claimed that there is no meeting in MCF in this matter??? Wah!!! Are you in MCF ah? How does he know this? Now I know why he knows a lot of things and I don't... .He is in MCF!!!! Wow!!!! But, does a meeting has to have the entire MCF Committee in it ah?? I mean, I and my staff can sit down and have a meeting - just the two of us... It is also called a meeting....And from what I understand, a selection committee is made up of a group of people that may or may not be from MCF committee itself. The practice is that the chairman for the various committee (or sub committee) needs to be chaired by an MCF Exco member but the committee members itself can be from members of the chess community so, come to think of it, of course there is no meeting in MCF on this matter because it was decided by the Selection Committee and NOT the MCF Committee.... FYI, the other committee that "should exist" (doggie... don't bite me on this ah?) are the Finance Committee, Development Committee and Tournament Committee. There may be others but these are the ones that I know that MCF should have... But ok la... Maybe this practice is no longer use in the current MCF management. But I think the real reason is because ???? Think think think.... Ah!!! (A light bulb appears!!!) The person was not included in the meeting for the selection.... Ohhhhh!!! That is the main reason la.... Poor you.... Sorry lah, can't help you there.....

And he also wrote "Caught out in a big lie this time Najib..." Err... when did I lie? I mean as far as I know, there is a selection committee so, since I am not in MCF, I assume there was a selection that decides on the team selection. Ok la... my mistake for assuming that there is one but, I did not lie... Never mind la.... Again, when the dog barks, no point barking back. Let the dog thinks he has the loudest bark this side of the neighborhood.... 

But I like the last one.... "Thank you. Chess is making you very smart". And with that, I say "Your very welcome!!! Want another dog biscuit?"



  1. Your 9th paragraph shows ur very excited too? ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Wah... You actually took the time to count the paragraphs!!! I am impressed....

    Oh s***! Did I get excited as well??? Well, sometimes when a person plays with a dog, he/she can get excited as well... Ha ha ha....

    *Throw stick.... go fetch!*

  4. Najib, i think you are are being too strict to yourself. Its looks like u have deleted your own comment.... LOL

  5. Najib, you should start making a list of someone's assets and then sue him for libel and slander. May make some easy money there. That goes for Jimmy too, and Greg. Some of what he says make sense, but a lot of it are just unsubstantiated baseless day-dreaming. RS, you better think before you talk because someday you may need Mark to put food on your table.