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Monday, July 16, 2012

Of KASUGI Team Event - Prize Giving

Please proceed to the Chess Malaysia FACEBOOK Page to view the photos from Day 2 and the Prize Giving Ceremony. All the winning team photos have been uploaded for your viewing pleasure

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For full event results and cross table, you can click HERE 

Event report will be posted shortly 
Our Team led by IM Nolte came in 5th (and 7th Overall). It was a fun event and albeit that I was the lowest scoring team member, the others did well. We were also seeded 7th hence the rating and seeding was justifiable
The winning Team - Apocalypse Manila Team
My home state team - JOHOR A got the third best State Team
IM Jimmy's Chess is Chess was 2nd in the local Malaysian Team. Comprising mostly of Junior players, the team did well in this event
Best Malaysian Team led by the Chan brothers - FM Nicholas and NM Marcus, NM Evan Capel and Junior Wong Yinn Loong
KASUGI Team A was left out from the winning list by mistake. Team team seen here with Puan Azdlin, Encik Zuhri's other half who was the man behind the event, and the proud sponsor of the first ever KASUGI Team Event
An interesting position which sealed the win for our team against Penang Team in the last round. Eng Chiam (black) had just made an astonishing move Rg2! Can you find the continuation if Qxg2? Will it lead to check mate or just winning the material?

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