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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Of A Postponed Event - Kelantan Open

Due to the current heavy rain and downpour along the Eastern Coast of Peninsula Malaysia, with flooding ocurring in Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang, the Persatuan Catur Negeri Kelantan has decided to postpone this weekend's Kelantan Open due to the unpredictable bad weather.

For those who have already registered and paid for the event, and would like to get a refund, or would like to know more about the situation, you can do so by contacting the Association Secretary, Nik Ahmad Farouqi Nik Abdul Aziz at +6019.999.6006 or write to him at farouqi.chess@gmail.com

Nik Ahmad Farouqi stated that it was one of the most difficult thing to do considering that so much effort has been put in to organize the event. However, safety and players well being are of the utmost concern and therefore, the Association has decided that it is for the best to postpone the event in order to avoid further inconveniences and difficulties should the situation turn to the worse.

Currently, there is no postponed date confirmed but it should be held once the situation is more favorable for players to travel to Kelantan for the event.

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