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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Of Organizing the First Rapid Series for 2013 - FANTASTIC RAPID WEEKEND

DATCC will organize its first rapid series for 2013 with the FANTASTIC RAPID WEEKEND on 17th March 2013 starting at 9:00am followed by Round 1 at 10:00am. The 7 Round Swiss tournament will use a time control of 25 minutes per player played to the finish, with a total prize fund of RM 1,100. The prize giving presentation is expected to start at 6:30pm

The eventual winner will earn RM300 for his/her effort followed by RM200 for the runner up, and 6 other main prizes up to the 8th spot. Special prize of RM30 each have been allocated for the best U12/U17/Unrated player whilst another RM40 each for the top Veteran and Best Lady player. For the special prizes, there must be at least 3 players or more vying for the tops spots in each category.

For DATCC members, there is an additional fund of RM50 and RM40 for the top 2 DATCC members who is not able to win any prizes in the main category - no minimal number of members playing in order to be eligible for the prize.

Students can request for Certificate of Participation/Achievement provided the request is made before the start of the round. 

Entry fees for adults are RM25 for non-members and RM15 for members. Entry fees for the junior players below 12 years old are RM10 for members and RM20 for non-members. Closing date is 16th March before 6pm and those who register late for the event will incur an additional RM15. No late penalty charges will be imposed to members but, entries are only limited to the first 80 players hence, once all the seats are filled, it maybe difficult to squeeze more people in.

For more information, please download our entry forms by clicking HERE and submit your entries to datcc@chess-malaysia.com or najib.wahab@chess-malaysia.com. Payments can be made to our bank account as per the details contained in the entry forms but players are requested to scan their transaction slip and email it together with their entry forms. Please retain the payment slip and bring it to the center at 9:00am to confirm your registration.

Come have fun and join us for our rapid event. It is going to be FANTASTIC!!!

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