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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Time To Move On.....

Call it sabbatical leave, annual leave, taking a break - whatever that fits the bill, and that is what I had decided to do since the Merdeka Event. It has been a topsy turvy year for me, and for chess in Malaysia - the AGM, the accusations, the petitions, the enforcers, the new partnership, the lost partnership, etc. Everything and anything that makes a roller coaster ride a really tame experience compared to the local chess scene that the chess community had endured in the last 10 months.

A friend of mine told me that if I had concentrated on DATCC since the start of the year, it would have been flying by now. Perhaps he was right.... But with certain rules and policies that MCF have put up, including being targeted by certain sector who would like to see the venture "close down", it would have been a herculean challenge to even get it moving. And I was right. For me, getting a job (after 4 years of unemployment) was a blessing in disguise. What more, with the uncertainties of what lies ahead for chess in Malaysia, it seems that "someone up there" took pity on me and provided "an optional way out" by providing me an open gateway to freedom. Alhamdulillah....

At the end of it all, it was still a choice - between something that may happen (with an excellent ending), and something that have a better chance of happening (with a mediocre result). I chose the so-so ending - certain although unimpressive.

Doing a chess business was something that I had dreamed of since 1990's. An opportunity came but, the conditions were not right. I learned one thing - you have to have the right group of people, that shares the same goal and objective, and the same vision. The same friend of mine had said, perhaps you should have just kept it within a small group of people. And I asked "How small?". He responded with "2 is the right number - one investor, and you as the executioner. Too many cooks spoil the broth!"

I still do chess but not as aggressive as before. If there are enthusiast who would like my help, I will help them. I still run chess classes - albeit on a personal basis, and still provide advice to those who wants to conduct chess events. Perhaps next year, when my current working contract ends, I have a better idea of what needs to be done, and who to pick as my partner(s). Perhaps a simpler set up but a more focused one i.e. classes and events management only. And perhaps, on a smaller scale - a small shop corner that house some books, a couple of desk, and abundance of e-book softcopy and software for chess learning and improvement.

The DAT Chess Connections blogsite has been taken down and perhaps, later, so will this one. I will keep my Chess-Malaysia Facebook page (for now) and will re edit my chess-Malaysia web page to reflect the simple route that I have/will be taking.

But, I am still with chess - for fun, and for those who still wants advice (not that I am good at giving any...) or for a chat, and for a game of "friendly chess", you can always contact me.


  1. its sad to see you leave ...

  2. DATCC has closed down. Since when?

    1. DATCC closes its door since 1st Jan 2014.
      Part of the reason for the closure was the rising rental cost which we were not able to sustain.