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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A New Champion Crowned

With one of South East Asia's most famous GM in Megaranto Susanto and a leading Indonesia IM in Farid Firman Syah, it was not surprising that Indonesia was the hot favorite to lift the 2014 GACC Championship... And win they did.

GACC has the tendency to attract high class players for the event and for this year's edition, it was GM Megaranto Susanto of Indonesia as the sole GM taking part in the event. And looking at the field of players taking part in this year's edition, the only question playing in everyone's mind was - who will take the second spot?

In recent years, even when the Russian Team fielded a GM, scoring a perfect score of 9 points was not an easy feat to achieve. But GM Megaranto did it with ease, finishing most of his games rather early except during his match against MG Gahan of India.

It was a tight race for second and it boils down to the last round between IM Farid Firman Syah of Indonesia and Antonio Vianni D'Cunha of India - the winner to secure the second placing. It was an interesting game lasting almost 5 and a half hours with Antonia as black, having a Queen and a single pawn against Firman's White Rook and Bishop with 2 connected pawns. Going into the 5th hour, it was clear that Firman was not able to improve his position with Antonio keeping his Queen active and holding his pawn in an unassailable position. Firman on the other hand, knew that he was not able to push his pawn forward without opening his King to endless check from the black Queen. In the end, Firman resorted to the fact that a draw was inevitable, made the offer which was accepted by Antonio without hesitation - securing his second position.

Although India won the 2nd and 3rd placement in the Open individual section, the Indonesian Team was too strong and was crowned as the 2014 GACC Team Championship. India took second place and Singapore, came from behind to beat Sri Lanka for the 3rd place. Host University Malaya took the consolation prize of becoming the best local team edging favorite UIA.

Other notable winners were Nurnaida Ajeng of Indonesia, an unrated lass who took the best Women Champion, ahead of local WFM Alia Anin Azwa Bakri of University Malaya in 2nd place. Vanessa D'Souza of India in 3rd followed by Singapore's WFM Melissa Lo in 4th and another local player, Ruby Kwan of UPSI in 5th.

Pictorial photos for the closing ceremony can be found at our FACEBOOK page at https://www.facebook.com/ChessMalaysia     

Final cross table for event can be found at Chess-Results website at  http://chess-results.com/tnr122460.aspx?lan=1  

VIP at the official Closing Ceremony
Open Champion - GM Megaranto Susanto of Indonesia

Something to cheer about for host University Malaya
- winning the best Malaysian Team
A new champion is crowned - Indonesia Team led by
GM Megaranto Susanto and IM Farid Firman Syah

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