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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Of Playing In The National Closed - Day 4

After 7 rounds, I have 4.5 points with the last 0.5 point coming in from my last round encounter with Kelantanese Nik Ahmad Farouqi. I had already lost the opening when I blundered a pawn but continued playing - reluctantly. At about the 10th move, I wanted to resign but told myself that I should try and continue, just to see how far I can go. Surprisingly, I managed to ward off the attack and create a counter attack of my own. At move 31, I offered him the draw - while having a piece up (but 2 pawns down) not wanting to risk further damaged as I have already survived the onslaught.... Phew!!!!

As for the tournament, Roshan continued his good run scoring a perfect 7 points with Zaidan becoming his latest victim. At the rate Roshan is going, Round 8 will be crucial for him to secure the title - a win against Muhd Nabil in the next round should seal the deal for Roshan. On Table 2, Syazwan is playing the Loo Swee Leong who came back from the bottom of the field storming back with 5 consecutive wins and now amongst the top of the field. 

Top seeded and early favorite Yeoh Li Tian will handle the black pieces against Mohd Khair on Table 3 and on Table 4, Yeap Eng Chiam will play against Fong Yit San. For me, I will be on Table 8 playing with Yit San's brother Yit Ho.

For me, I have already reached my target of 4.5 points - a satisfying results although I feel I should have gone worse. I survived a major onslaught against Nik and was not able to convert a crushing attack against Yit San and lost. But I did well in the game despite the score saying otherwise. I also did well against Masrin Erowan but overlooked an easy mate in two - something which I should not have missed. With two more rounds to go, I am hoping to continue playing well and gain a few rating points to add to the current one that I have.

The pairing for Round 8 to start at 3:00pm is as follows:

For the ladies section, it seems a foregone conclusion that Nur Najiha will emerge as the 2012 champion. With 1.5 points adrift from his closest rival, and with no other formidable opponent to wrestle her lead, it would be surprising if she is not able to stamped her name as the new National Champion. For the ladies, the race is now for the second placing between Nabila and Fong Mi Yen - both with 5 points, and 5 other players with 4 points - Chuah Yi Ning, Tan Li Ting, Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan, and sisters Siti Aisyah and Siti Khadijah Sabirin.

Pairing for Round 8 are as follows:

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  1. At least you know now, if you cannot survive as arbiter, come back as a player. Though the truth is, players get less monetary rewards than arbiters.