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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Of Selangor Open - Going into Round 4

It was an interesting Round 3 with 6 pair of players having scored a perfect 2 out of 2, it seems inevitable that the field will be halved by the time the round is over.

On Table 1, with opposite colored Bishops left on the table, it would be easy to assume that Nabil had played well to split the point with his IM adversary and offered Nolte the draw. Nolte looked up and shook his head saying "No" and understandably, with Nabil's King misplaced on the far side of the board, Nolte had a passed pawn on the h-file which Nabil had no chance of stopping without having to sacrifice his white square bishop. 1-0 to the IM

On Table 2, Ian Udani's two passed pawns on the d and g files was too much for Stewart Manaog to stop - one up for the Malaysian adopted chess player.

On Table 3, another opposite colored bishop situation between former National Champion Kamalariffin Wahiduddin and Fong Yit Ho but this time around, after the initial draw offered came from Yit Ho, Kamalariffin finally agreed to draw.

It was an interesting encounter between Mohd Saprin and Fong Yit San on Table 4 with the former having maintained attacking initiative throughout. With Yit San's black King cornered, Saprin played in interesting move with Re5 but after good defending move by Yit San and a few exchanges later coupled with time trouble, both players agreed to end it amicably with a draw.

It was the battle between the Juniors on Table 5 but despite the exchange up - Roshan had Rook against Sumant's white square Bishop and an extra Pawn, and after what seems to be a repeated moves with the Bishop and Rook, both player also agreed to a draw. 

On Table 6, it was local Zaidan against Philippines Ramos Ernesto which ended in favor of the doctor. And with that result, at the end of Round 3 only 3 players have amassed 3 perfect points - IM Nolte, Ian Udani and Zaidan Zulkipli.

Other interesting results in Round 3 happened on Table 11 when Syazrin put up an interesting fight against reigning National Women Champion WCM Nur Nabila to come up with an impressive drawn game.

With colors being favored, it seems destined that IM Nolte will meet countryman and second seeded player Ian Udani on Table 1 in Round 4. The other remaining 3 pointer, Zaidan drops down to Table 2 and meet the highest seeded 2 1/2 pointer in Saprin Sabri, color permitting. Other interesting pairing for Round 4 are two pair of Juniors squaring off with brothers Yit San and Yit Ho going against Sumant and Nabil respectively on Table 4 and Table 6.

Other pairings for Round 4 are:

Photos from the end of Round 3
Ernesto Ramos took time to analyze his game after his loss to Zaidan
View of the crowd towards the end of Round 3
Onlookers took interest in the game between National Junior players Sumant and Roshan on Table 5


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