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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Of Relaxing - and UpComing Events

After an almost three weeks stretch of non-stop chess, I finally have my break and what a long break it will be.... for both chess and work. My contract with a consultant company ended just before the Melaka Festival started and my chess work ended after the conclusion of Selangor Open last week so as of now, I am totally totally unemployed! Geezz.... The next event for me is the Insofar Combined Chess Tournament happening next Sunday as Mat Zaki Yeop - Insofar Principal and Founder, has asked me to be the Arbiter for his event, and after that, maybe an internal PETRONAS event but apart from those two, I am not sure where my fortune will bring me.

Then there is the Lim Chong Memorial event happening on the 3rd of June but I will be away in Langkawi, through the gracious and generousness of my wife's company which will be conducting its family day outing on the famous Mahsuri resort island. It will be a glorious weekend since I will be enjoying basking in the sun, the sea breeze and the swim, both on land and on shore. Bliss!!!!!

Before the Lim Chong event, it will be the National Closed which is scheduled from 27th May to 31st May at ATCC in Kuala Lumpur. Arbiter? Please don't ask me yet as I have not received any "formal" invitation although there were talks about it. Whether it is I or someone else, this will be one event that many local chess players will be looking forward to participating. Considering that it will be conducted in ATCC, I assume the number of participants will be limited due to space constraint. Anything above 160 would be not conducive as the area would be cramp, stuffy and not hygienic. 120 players - similar to the number that the event had last year held at the same place, would be just nice. But of course, MCF may want to squeeze the numbers

There are also talks about holding a Team event which is supposedly to be the biggest and most "luxurious" team event ever held with RM 5,000 but as of now, there were either minimal exposure or the event may have been put on hold but in any case, it is something to look forward to when it happens

For Southerners who are interested to play in the Iskandar Johor Open 2012 on 20th May (next week) at Giant Hypermarket in Tampoi Johor, you can view and download the entry by clicking HERE

Those in KL and Central Region who wishes to play chess can participate in the Insofar Combined Chess Tournament to be held on the same day, 20th May at ATCC in Wilayah Complex by clicking HERE to learn more about the event

Die hard chess enthusiasts who wish to go for glory and play in the National Closed, you can view the event information, and download the entry form HERE

Of course, the most anticipated event of all is the MCF AGM scheduled to happen sometime this year. It will be corny if both the MCF AGM and the GE13 to be happening at the same time - while many of us are voting to see the fate of the country, a few of us will be voting to chart the future of MCF.

Well until that happens, have a great week ahead comrades!!!

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  1. take care my dear friend, i look forward to being with you at the next NAG 2013. :))