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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Of Saying Things That Is Incorrect

I remember my neighbor's dog who kept barking at everything that moves, and it just barks and barks and barks, even late at night. Its annoying but what else can I do except to put up with the barking.... Because life goes on and like it or not, we all need some sleep sometime (and like it or not, I have to sleep) and after a while, we got use to the barking and it became part of our "night time music".

And sometimes, after a while when the dog decides not to bark, we wonder what had happened and missed the barking.....

Heh.... Life goes on mate!

By the way, the neighbor finally moved..... :)


  1. Deep? Deep or not, its a true story.... Honest! You can come to my house and witness the area - the neighbor left but the dog kennel (more like a cage) was left behind.

  2. it is deep because I cannot connect the title with the contents :)

    And dogs should not be kept in cages. They are born free and should be allowed to run free!

  3. he he he... maybe you are right :)

    Whilst I agree that the dog should not be kept in a cage, some dogs are just so wild that you have no choice but to keep them in cage....

    Just like human - some of them we keep in cages i.e. jail. But some, roam around freely....