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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Of People Who Thinks They Know Everything...

My former boss once gave me a very good advice - "little knowledge is very dangerous!" so, when one has very little knowledge about something, be very careful when getting information from that person, regardless whether the information was requested or otherwise.

Another former boss of mine gave me another good advice - "just because he is loud, does not mean that he is correct" so, when one person become so loud and so proud of what he or she knows (and blabber endlessly), does not mean that person is correct. Sometimes they are more wrong than right...

Do you know why American Idol has Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steve Tyler as judges? Because they are musicians who knows a lot about music - I mean A LOT! I think they did ask Ellen Degeneres to be a judge in one of the season but as we all know it, she did not last very long. So, just imagine if they put ermmmm .... David Beckham as a judge? Do you think that is acceptable? Maybe for hype purposes it is OK but reality wise.... So what is the lesson here?

The problem about people who think they know everything is... they do not want to listen to other people. They think they are the best.... in their own selfish world. They lack respect of other people's believe and idea, and they ridicule and discredit other people's effort and hard work.

OK... so much for those "word of the wise for the day...."

I met another blogger the other day who asked me why I shut down my blog? I smiled and said, "Its hopeless...." was my short answer. "You tak contribute, people say you are not supportive. But when you contribute, people start looking for your fault - witch hunting. You make money pun, people marah. You tak make money, you susah... How la?"

"Don't la give up. You are sharing with people your experience. Don't give a &#%$ of what other people say. Keep on writing...." And with that, I officially reopen my blog.....

So, how shall I open my new blog?

Another wise words perhaps?
Nah... I am just happy to write again....