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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Of Finger Pointing and Witch Hunting

You know who is the best person to catch a thief? The policeman? Maybe.... The Detective? Maybe too..... But the best person to catch a thief, is another thief because only a thief knows how another thief works.

So for someone who can come up with stories of how bribery, accounts manipulation, and all that stuff can happen in an association, that someone must have had the experience of doing so during his/her time in the association. Otherwise, how does he/she knows what is going on?

Another former boss of mine - I have many good bosses who has part to me many wise words, trust me on this - one of his wise words is, when you point a finger at someone for his wrong doing, take note that there are 3 fingers pointing back at you. Sometimes, the biggest culprit are those who yell thief!

When I was young (not that I am very old. FYI, I am still 24.....!), the advice that I have from my teacher (can consider as my boss too lah - albeit in a smaller scale), "Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah" - Be strong when you are right, and scared if you are wrong - (Betul ker translation nie - sounds corny but, I know you know what I mean) but in the current world, it has turned upside down - "Berani kerana salah, takut kerana benar". So, when someone is loud, maybe it is not because he/she is right, but maybe because he/she wants to hide his wrongdoing so that others can focus on other people mistake than his/her own.

All this hype are clear intention to steer the issues away but of course, the words of the wise (yet again - but this time not from my boss) - "sepandai-pandai a squirrel hops, one day it will tergolek also"

Anyway, I found one saying in the internet which says "No matter how nasty people are to you, be nice anyway because there is nothing wrong about being nice". And another one which says "Some people are born a@%$&*# and no matter how nice you are to them, they will remain as such"

And with that, I end my article for the day....
Psst... all this time that I have been in hibernation, suddenly the urge to write increases......


  1. You have taken back your power! Good for you and look forward to more informative posts.

  2. Congrats on your re-opening Najib.

    I am sure the chess public at large will be able to decide for themselves who are those who talk and not do and those who do and need not talk to prove it.

    It will be interesting to hear your views about the latest topic on the juniors in Malaysia which I am sure, will arouse great interest even from us here in Singapore.