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Friday, May 4, 2012

Of Selangor Open - End of Round 4, Into Round 5

With IM Nolte's convincing win over compatriot Ian Udani on Table 1, and Zaidan drawing Mohd Saprin on Table 2 in Round 4, it looks like the Selangor Open may see a runaway winner in IM Nolte who is currently the sole leader in the Selangor Open after only just 4 rounds. With 1/2 point ahead of 3 other players - Zaidan, Kamaluddin and Kamalariffin - who has been paired to play Nolte in Round 5, another win by the Filipino could draw him apart from the rest of the pack. 

Round 4 saw five drawn games in the top 10 tables - Juniors Sumant and Yit San, another Junior pair Nabil and Yit Ho, bloggers Razali and Eddy, Manaog and Yong Zhao and the earlier mentioned game between Saprin and Zaidan.

There were no major surprises except on Table 11 when Sean Ooi, handling the white pieces, managed to secure a victory over CM Amier Hamzah. 

The last game to finish in Round 4 was between MCF VP Puan Haslindah Ruslan and youngster Bausch Koh which favors the former. 

Saprin (standing in red shirt) commenting on the game analysis between Razali Hamzah Ng6 (seated in blue) and former National Champion Kamalariffin (seated in red) watched by his son Ghaazi (in white), Rusdi Sidi (in orange), Kamaluddin (in grey shirt) and Saprin's other son Amir Qayyim - partially hidden in front of Saprin
The last game to finish for the night - Bausch Koh (on the left) and MCF VP Haslindah Ruslan (right)

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