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Friday, May 4, 2012

Of Selangor Open - Results for Round 6, Pairing Round 7

It seems that every players wants to go for blood in Round 6 of the 39th Selangor Open edition as only one single draw on Table 29 was registered for the round. 

On Table 1, IM Nolte further enforced his lead after convincingly ousting Zaidan Zulkipli in a rather lengthy game of 52 moves. With this win, Nolte now has a single point clear of his nearest rival, compatriot Ian Udani. Udani kept himself within striking distance of the leader with a win against youngster Sean Ooi on Table 2 who was not able to repeat his stunning performance against Sumant in the earlier round 5. On Table 3, Jax Tham got the better of Saprin and the latter succumbed after 37 moves.

Kamalariffin came up with a vengeance after his loss to Nolte yesterday and played a fine game to beat Eddy Fong on Table 4. On Table 5, Stewart Manaog is one up against Abdul Aziz Shukor and in the next Table 6, Kamaluddin Yusof is a bit too strong for reigning National Woman Champion WCM Nur Nabila and the latter lost in a 52 mover game. 

Roshan scored a point against Yit San on Table 7 and on Table 8, Sumant return to his winning ways by overpowering Dilwen Ding to secure a valuable point. Rounding up the top 10 tables, Nabil won against Cyrus Low of Singapore on Table 9 and Fong Yit San overpowered Filipino Ramos Ernest on Table 10.

For Round 7, the task now is passed on to Kamaluddin Yusof to stop the "Nolte Express" from running away with the tournament. A victory for Nolte in this round may secure him the tournament title with 2 more rounds to spare as it seems that no one is within the Filipino master playing strength. But, the game is not over until the final round is over and with that, it is still possible to stop the master from trampling over everyone. Will Kamaluddin be the one?

Table 2 will see Ian Udani facing rising junior Roshan Singh and this would be an interesting game to observe. A win by Roshan will put him as a contender for the top spot but a win by Udani may help to seal the fate for Nolte. On Table 3, Kamalariffin will face another Filipino in Stewart Manaog whilst on Table 4, Zaidan will square off with Jax Tam with both players having amassed 4 1/2 points after 6 rounds.

Pairing for Round 7 (to start at 3:00pm today - 15 minutes from time of print) are as follows:
Sorry folks - no photos for today as my camera battery ran out of juice :) 

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