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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Of Becoming A FIDE Arbiter....

I was browsing the FIDE website recently in view that the Presidential Board Meeting is just over in Elista, eager to know the result of my FA application. The late submission of my application for approval in the last Presidential Board Meeting held in Al-Ain has delayed the approval and I was hoping very much that I would get it confirmed this time around. Along with me, there are three other candidates from Malaysia - Collin Madhavan, Mok Tze Meng and Khairunnisa Wahiduddin. For most of us, this application came in after a long void with Peter Long as the last Malaysian making the FA title, and Tse Pin as the last Malaysian to attain the IA title (only two of them in the last 10 years or so). For Khairunnisa, if she made it, she would be the first female recognized Arbiter in Malaysia and I am sure, she is eager to secure the IA title - as the youngest Arbiter in Malaysia as well. Whatever it is, I hope the title for all of us - Mok, Collin, Nisa and me, would be approved soon.... It has been a long wait so I guess, what is another week or two (or more!). I believe, had I not gone back to Johor to work in the early 90's, I would have made the IA title much much sooner (but that is another story)

I was already browsing the FIDE website on Monday (the Presidential Board ends on Sunday) and what I saw was encouraging - but still, I need to wait for the "official" word from FIDE and MCF. In any event, it was enough to put a smile on my face....

Well guys.... If this is official, the next step would be going for IA. And that, would probably take another year or so. And whilst the country is also hoping to get our own GM in the near future, competent and able officials are also needed to ensure that chess events are conducted professionally and efficiently. Of course the glamor and glitter may not be the same, but nonetheless essential to ensure a proper growth and chess development in the country. Political belief and differences aside - I am referring to political from a chess stand point and not the BN-PKR General Election hype *grin* - the support and cooperation from everyone, every chess player, chess club, association, parents, officials, supporters and fans from within the chess community and outside of the chess fraternity, are essential and crucial to see the game move to a higher plateau....

In any case... This question is to MCF - Are the titles now official for me and my 3 arbiter friends?


  1. if its official.. then it would officially be awesome moment for me...Malaysia's 1st female FA :D Thanks for the news!!

  2. 1. Congratulations to all.
    2. Apart from youngest & 1st lady record by NWM, who will hold the oldest record? :-)
    3. Najib, plz dont forget the teh tarik & satay you promised.

  3. teh tarik and satay - includes everyone who comment on this post. Deal?

  4. Allo my good friends..... The last time I had 42 comments on my blog (someone told me that this is the highest!!!) and if what Jimmy has suggested, it means that I have to belanja 42 people for Teh Tarik and Satay. Not only I need a big restaurant, I will also need a bigger wallet!!!!

    But, I am willing to meet halfway.... The fist 10 persons who commented (I will belanja teh tarik and all you can eat satay!), and the venue is Sungai Ramal, Kajang....

    Registration is RM10 per person, those with FIDE Rating is FOC... ha ha ha!!!!

    Can la... what is satay and teh tarik between friends... And we can also celebrate the coming of a new Chess King - Yeoh Li Tian. And of course, we can invite our good friend - Mas, and do an official passing of the baton - Jimmy to Mas to Li Tian

  5. 1. thankyou for keeping the promise, Najib
    2. You very pandai, self-register in the top 10 who comment
    3. I lagi smart, at least registered for 2/10
    4. Btw, I always thankful & respect to IM Jimmy & IM Mas.
    a. IM Jimmy has been giving many advices and training to tian
    b. IM Mas once voluntarily approached tian to offer handicapped blitz session with tian.
    5. As per now, tian can't even win my Family Closed. So, I know very well that tian is still long way to go.

  6. Dearest my goodest chess friend Mr Yeoh
    1. Welcome... I always keep my promises to my friends (and sometimes, my enemies too)
    2. Of course I am pandai.... :) I am glad you notice.
    3. I also know you are smarter. I am sad that I noticed that too... :(
    4. Yes.... My respect to both of them
    5. As per now, I know Mr Yeoh is the best in the Yeoh family... But outside of the Yeoh family... I know some one who can beat Mr Yeoh.... :) I introduce him to you one day....
    Add no 6. But I know Tian can go very far... Just have to trust!

  7. Tahniah!!!
    satay and teh tarikkk satu utk SM juga yeayyy hehe

  8. Congrat to you and Collin for successful application for FA title. It's not sure why both Mok and Nissa application were not successful.

    Looks like i too in your satay list. Correction, i think i'm still holding the record of being the youngest arbiter in Msia @ 29yo (8yrs ago).