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Friday, April 6, 2012

Of Taking Credit and Talking BS.....

Early Saturday morning and I was doing my usual 'chess work' by writing emails focusing on the 750 Years Melaka International Chess Festival 2012 which is starting in the next couple of weeks. After doing my work, I realized that I have not written in my blog for the last 4 - maybe 5 days and so, without wanting to jump into a "random topic", I decided to see what is the latest hot topic in Chess and my first choice of blog was DATCC Chess Blog. Of course, since I am one of the contributors for the blog (and a few others), this would be the most obvious and logical starting point but alas, the news on the blog is the same as before - the Melaka Chess Festival. So, I decided to update the news a bit and once I have done that, I decided to look at the hot topic on other blog and the first one I looked at was Jimmy's blog, Chess is Chess. There was not much written but a hilarious face of The Rock (from the movie "Race to Witch Mountain") caught my attention. The caption was "Purrrrfect" and whilst the article itself does not have any written words on it, the comments was full of interesting notes from many chess enthusiasts, parents, players.....

Yeah... It was about our common "friend" Mr.... Well, I do not want to waste valuable key strokes on my laptop to spell that name. But based on the same topic, I now know that I can take credit for Anand becoming a World Champion because I sparred one game with him in the mid 1990's and because of that game, Anand has become a World Champion! Wow!!! I feel really good.... I can use this to promote myself as a coach, trainer because somewhere, some many moons ago, I was the one who sparred and inspired Anand to become the World Chess Champion.... And coaxed him to say the famous quote "Nowadays, when you're not a Grandmaster at 14, you can forget about it"

I was told that a lot of parents "believe" Mr.... (that name which I do not want to waste my valuable keyboard strokes on) because he seems to know about chess.... But did you guys also know that he DOES NOT PLAY CHESS IN AN ACTUAL TOURNAMENT? And from what I understand, he does not even PLAY THE GAME!!!! I mean, how can one comment about something that he never experienced? It is like saying "I like Pizza and it is supposed to be cooked with a lot of cheese and tomatoes, and olives, and pepperoni but hey, I have NEVER eaten Pizza....???" Duh............. Well, this is what we call "Of Taking Credit and Talking BS" - by the way, BS does not mean "Best Story" or "Best Strategy" or in the case of the Pizza mean "Best Sauce" although "that-person-which-I-do-not-want-to-waste-my-keyboard-stroke-on" may think that it is.

Anyway, the negative impact created by the "person-which-I-do-not-want-to-waste-my-keyboard-stroke-on" has deterred many sponsors, parents, teachers and chess players from the game. Whilst he thinks that he has done the country and the sport a favor, he is actually destroying - that is the real word folks.... DESTROYING..... the game and the good image of the game beyond imagination. And to top it of, most of his stories and claims were heresays, rumors, spinners, gossips and blatant lies that were not true or stretched and exaggerated beyond belief! 

The problem with telling a lie is that the person has to continue telling more lies to cover up for the initial lie that was made. And as the lie become more and more entangled and intertwined, and as the person continues to tell more lies, the person begin to belief that the lie is actually the truth.... and this is when the problem begins. Because from here on, everything becomes unclear and clouded, and because this person believes the lie that he/she has told many many many many many many (ok... I stop at that) lies before, the person believes the lie so much that he/she can tell the lie in such a convincing manner (because in the person's heart, it is the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth) and get other people to believe it.

Well... you be the judge.... Do you believe the Pizza man that he knows what is best for pizza, or another "insignificant on the side person" who have not tasted any pizza and preach how and what a pizza should be? The answer is plain and obvious... no need to use a rocket scientist (or a chess grandmaster) to figure this out....

By the way, you can catch Jimmy's blog related to this topic HERE


  1. I wonder...Is that mean I can take credit and claim i am the reason AK's become rich (FYI, I am Maxis and Astro subscriber for more than 4 or 5 days)?

  2. chinese idioms

    三人成虎 (Three men make a tiger)... dedicated to "person-which-Najib-do-not-want-to-waste-my-keyboard-stroke-on"

    when u tell repeatative lie... then everyone will think 'thats the truth'!!!... beware