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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Of A Commendable Performance - Yeoh Li Tian

News on Yeoh Li Tian commendable performance in Brunei can be found in the FIDE website at the link provided below.

The caption with a photo of Li Tian receiving the prize says....
"Young 13 year old Malaysian Yeoh Li Tian despite being rated 2204 proved to be the star of the event, finishing in a tie for 4th-8th places while successfully playing 4 Grandmasters, 2 International Masters and 1 FIDE Master and missed an IM norm by just half a point".

Have a good read  HERE
Click on the link and scroll down for news.



  1. I always do my bit to promote Malaysia... you will have also noted that when I announced the event on FIDE website I also mentioned Melaka Chess Festival.

  2. Thanks for your help Peter. We need all the help to promote the event, and Malaysia to as many chess players that we can.

  3. Congrats Li Tian! Commendable performance indeed! All the best wishes from Subramaniam's family, Cameron Highlands.

  4. Thanks, dear Mr & Mrs Subramaniam.