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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Of Making a Desperate Move to Disqualify Others

Someone forwarded me an email earlier today and copied this para from another blog..... Well, I need not elaborate which blog it was from (your guesses are as good as mine) but this is how the para goes....

"As for Najib, he calls himself a trainer but has yet to even bring up anyone we have heard of. So all he can justifiably claim is that he plays some kind of chess. He can also claim to be an arbiter but also not a very professional one as we saw in NJ 2010 where he left the selection in disarray by not showing up during the play off and leaving unclear criteria."

Anyway, for the first part, I am just a trainer but I never bragged about bringing anyone as a first class chess player, nor saying that I will bring up someone to be "heard of". Where did I ever say that? I can train someone to be of a certain level but I know my limits and for now, I only limit myself to teaching 6-8 years old kids. When they get better, I recommend them to someone else. At least I don't CLAIM other people's students to be mine, nor do I claim that "my method" is the best. Each trainer, teacher, tutor has their own methods... And yes, I do play some kind of chess.... I am not active anymore but still, I am a chess player. I think my rating is somewhere there... Oppss. I am sorry, rating points does not count. Well, I may not be a GREAT player but I have had my moments by beating some memorable players in blitz, rapid and long time control..... Are you jealous that I can actually play chess??? Aww.... I am so so sorry..... Maybe I can teach you since you are a beginner, just like a 6 year old kids....

And for the second part of you comment.... of all the events that I have arbitrated, you only cited ONE event where I was not professional????? Was that the 2010 National Junior that some "match fixing scam that YOUR STUDENTS got involved in??" Damn!!! I missed that one! Perhaps I should have stayed and witness the scam and BANNED those involved!

For those who were distorted by this "spin" - only one side of the story is being told here - do take note that there were 2 other Arbiters working that day i.e. Marcus Yeoh (KL) and Ustaz Rahman (Perak). And I had to run to attend to some family matters that needed my attention. Sorry my friend... Between family and chess, family is more important. Further, like I said, of all the events that I have done, has anybody see me leaving the event earlier??? And for the record, are you saying that Ustaz Rahman and Marcus Yeoh cannot do the job? Even Gregory was there. I remembered staying to start of the play off and since Ustaz, Marcus and Greg were there, and I had some personal family matters that I need to take care of, I decided that the event is left in the safe hands of the three officials. After all, I am only a phone call away, if there is a dire need to get my advice.

It is strange that I was there for almost an entire event and only missed the later part of the event - because of family matters,  and I am dubbed not professional??? Hmmm.... OK lah... Whatever lah you say. It was interesting you said I was not professional when "someone" left this comment on my blog when I said I want to go back to full time work....

If you are interested, you can always click on the following link. FYI, the comment was left on Dec 27, 2011 01:00 AM, one year after the NJCC 2010 and it sounded like this....

"Hi Najib, you are one of the very few professional arbiters we have in Malaysia. I hope you will consider continuing in a part time capacity at least. Anyway whatever you decide, I hope 2012 will bring you success in your endeavours".


  1. Najib, there is no need for you to explain yourself. Everybody knows how desperate "that person" (in respect of your blog I dont mention his name) has become so much that he just needs to hit out everybody and anybody in order to try to stay relevant (in his mind). I believe most of the chess community already know what he is about by now.

    But if it makes you feel better , sure, why not :)

  2. very logical approach to refute illogical statements, from "illlogcal" mind.

  3. Seems to be like a Double Headed Snake...sorry but its true. To include that person is not sincere.

  4. Hi Jimmy
    Yes... It makes me feel better that I did the explanation. Just for the fun of it - so that people know the truth. And yes, as per anonymous comments, you have to read the article in its entirety and click on the related post to understand the reason that I had to write this - to expose insincerity and "tembak for the sake of tembaking" without substance.

    Henceforth, as per Chin Seng's comment, a very logical approach to refute an illogical statement - from a nincompoop who has a brain of a dodo bird (Adrian's Wong always quote this - dodo brain!)

  5. I don't quite understand how this has managed to go on for a year and a half, and still continues despite the foundations of his own argument publicly making it clear that he's full of shit.

  6. The problem is he does not know he is full of shit so he keeps going. Actually he thinks he is "saving" us. That is why I always refer to him as delusional.

    His latest rambling is asking people to contribute to his legal fund. I doubt he will get even one ringgit. On the contrary I will contribute money to the "defence" fund.

  7. i just love your style writing la bro najib... with a lil bit spice and sarcastic joke... touchy...hahaha

  8. At least he doesn't use foul language. There is a certain blogger who does that everyday on his blog and no one seems to care. It's a strange world.